It may be a difficult task for home buyers to choose between a pre-construction unit or presale unit. Though both methods have their own set of pros and cons, pre-construction offer a lot of benefits to its users.

Amazing customization

A pre-construction unit gives you full control over the entire design process of a house. This is mostly done with the assistance of the builder. Most of the house buyers like this aspect and get a sense of control and satisfaction when working with the construction builder. Toronto is the most preferred place for people who are looking to buy pre-construction condos or presale unit.

Best Prices

In North America, buying a property is considered to be the most stable investment. The value of Toronto pre-construction condos usually starts to increase within the initial five years. In a few cities, property values rise really fast. This adversely impacts the spending ability of people. Due to this reason, most of the buyers choose to buy a pre-sale condo as it is sold at a base price without any appreciation cost.

No Renovations

One of the disadvantages of purchasing a resale property unit is that you will have to commit to several renovations. This can easily burn hole in your pocket. The expenses incurred in performing renovation works can even empty your bank account.


Thus, it is very much clear that a pre-construction unit offers numerous benefits. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to make the house of your dreams.

July 16th, 2018

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